What is this?

We’re stealing Facebook's users. Ok, we’re not actually stealing them. And this isn’t just about Facebook. We’re signing up to join a new social network.


Social networks kinda suck. They:

How do we fix it?


Let’s make a site that doesn’t track users, or expose their data, at all.

no ads

This one’s easy. It’s great for making money but they’re creepy and can mislead users.


It should be super easy for people to use. All people. That’s the whole point. Censoring what people say, locking them out, tricking or baiting them into doing things, come on.

I have more questions.

How are you going to make money?

Donations. If it’s important enough and makes sense, then let’s keep it going.

Donations? really?

Yes. After some quick maths it “should” work with >11k users...

How is this different than the other social network alternatives?

Lots of alternatives are popping up. Each one is claiming a niche feature set but lack the basic functionality of being able to share things with your family and friends.

Why aren’t you decentralizing it?

Decentralization is very cool. It’s like email though, and that just puts your information into another party's hands anyway. Also spam.

Is it going to be any good? Yes.

Mobile screenshot of website feed

social proof


users joined already

get incentivized

The first million to join will have a vote on the new networks name.

Morty from Rick and Morty pointing his finger with a caption, "You son of a bitch, I'm in"

data policy

We are only collecting your email to notify you when the site becomes available. That’s it. We are not selling or exposing your email to anyone for any reason.